Tutu Park Mall’s Center Court is the islands’ main gathering place for the entire community. Throughout the year friends, families, neighbors and the general public of all ages, come together to enjoy seasonal, community and special events, live music and dance performances, fashion and beauty shows, exercise and health expositions, back-to-school and job fairs – and many more activities. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Throughout the year, Tutu Park Mall works cooperatively and collaboratively with community organizations, governmental agencies and businesses, to bring a wide range of initiatives to the public.

These includes The Mall’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Easter Wonderland, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Back-to-School, V.I. History Month, Black Friday, Carnival and more seasonal events, as well as history expositions, sidewalk sales, wellness and health fairs, blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, and immunization drives hosted by the Department of Health.

In collaboration with the Department of Education, annual mall events provide the community with essential information, school policies, extracurricular activities, parental tips, and literacy drives in support of the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Tutu Park Mall is also home to job fairs where private businesses and civic organizations, including the Armed Forces and the University of the Virgin Islands, meet with prospective employees and hold recruitment drives.

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*Scheduled events, dates and times are subject to change.